Trending now: Three must-have face formulas

Trending now: Three must-have face formulas

Chanel, Estée Lauder, Guerlain

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Estée Lauder,

Maintain healthy looking skin this new year with three must-have products created by leading beauty brands...

As the year comes to an end, why not switch things up in your beauty cabinet? Thankfully three leading beauty brands have just released their ultimate must-have beauty products in time for the new year. From a tinted face cream to a sculpting mask and a moisturiser, there's a perfect pot for everyone. Discover why you need Chanel, Estée Lauder and Guerlain's newest formulas now...

Chanel Sublimage Le Teint foundation, Dhs490

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Chanel has recently extended their beauty portfolio with the launch of a skincare line, aptly titled Blue Serum, and now, they've released a new must-have foundation that doubles as a moisturising cream. Available in 10 different shades, the lightweight foundation, Sublimage Le Teint, is injected with plant-based ingredients to revitalise the skin, vanilla planifolio to add a scented offering and diamond power to ensure a more radiant complexion. 

Estée Lauder New Dimension Sculpt and Glow mask, Dhs260

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Well known for their prestigious, skincare and makeup lines, Estée Lauder is now adding new products to its revolutionised skincare collection, New Dimension. The Sculpt and Glow mask is a must-have! While its hydrating treatment mask aims to rejuvenate your skin cells, the pro-collagen agents also help to brighten and enhance your skin's natural glow, while preventing clogged pores and uneven skin tone.  

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale moisturiser, Dhs1,587

Trending now: Three must-have face formulas (фото 3)

With its ever-evolving beauty range, Guerlain has introduced a third generation of iconic skincare cream, Orchidée Impériale. With new active ingredients and technology, Guerlain's newest formula features a gold orchid to revitalise and renew your skin, as well as help boost cellular production. Best used as a night moisturiser, Orchidée Impériale comes complete in a coveted jar, engraved with the brand's signature. 

Chanel, Estée Lauder and Guerlain's new beauty products are now available at all leading beauty counters across the Middle East. Now, take a look at three must-try red lacquers to try on your tips now.

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