Forget a sweeping side fringe, those in the know are throwing caution to the wind, speed dialling their stylists and actually requesting the kind of bowl cut previously attributed to keen mothers wielding scissors at kitchen tables. What’s more, the inspiration behind the hottest new do on planet fashion, as modelled by Lady Gaga and most of Christopher Kane's models at NYFW, is no other that the historic heroine, Joan of Arc who could well have used her mini-fringe to distract her enemies in battle. But be warned. This statement style, officially known as the Road-trip in honour of Juliette Lewis' ever-changing do in Natural Born Killers is strictly for the brave and beautiful. "I've already had a few girls coming in and requesting a Road Trip," says stylist Paul Macdonald, “but I’ve talked at least half of them out of it." He adds: "It's a fantastic fashion-forward look for Winter, but it's not for everyone. Anyone with heavier features or wavy hair should steer clear." Noted.