New brand Uoma Beauty is taking inclusivity to a whole new level

New brand Uoma Beauty is taking inclusivity to a whole new level

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Text: Georgie Bradley

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Uoma Beauty is the latest brand that addresses inclusivity. But they're a step further than the rest...

While there's no shortage of inclusivity in the beauty industry on a dialogue level, the realities and practicalities, are a different story. 

More and more we're seeing brands expand their shade range to include the most nuanced hues for every type of skin – brava Fenty Beauty, Nars, and Dior. But on a holistic level, where brands are inclusive from birth and walking their talk, well, they're few and far between. 

Now, enter Uoma Beauty. The next best thing, appaz. Because, according to Sharon Chuter, the Founder of UOMA Beauty. "They try but it comes across as shallow and it is shallow. The teams within these brands are often not diverse. So how can you create a solution to a problem that you don’t understand? This is what propelled me to set up UOMA Beauty."


So, the key facts that you need to know about...

– There are 51 foundation shades

– And there are six different formulas depending on your skin type and tone. 

Sounds pretty inclusive to us! 

"A future where we embrace diversity as an expression of unity. It sounds like a paradox but it is truly the way forward in creating a world where everyone is allowed to be their authentic selves, yet get a seat on the table and right now we are in the process of figuring out what that table looks like," added Chuter.

Now, of course Kendall Jenner is getting in on the beauty business, too. 

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