Famed for being one of England's premier perfumers, Jo Malone has dug into its rich British heritage for its latest set of scents. It is said that fragrances can be a powerful agent of memory and bring back forgotten experiences and emotions, inspiring Jo Malone to create the 'Rock The Ages' collection, which will launch in March.

The beautifully packaged five-piece lineup is reminiscent of unique periods in history and bottles up the atmosphere of that historic time.

The collection contains the following scents: The peppery 'Tudor Rose and Amber' (Tudor period), the floral 'Lilly of the Valley and Ivy' (Georgian period), the sweet 'Geranium and Verbena' (Edwardian period), the fruity 'Pomegranate Noir'(Victorian period) and the spicy 'Birch and Black Pepper' (Modern-day Britian). 

Jo Malone launches new fragrance collection 'Rock the Ages'