Steven Klein and François Nars are preparing to launch their collaborative makeup collection – the Steven Klein for Nars color cosmetics collection. Set to hit Nars boutiques on October 15, the new makeup range was directly inspired by Klein's boundary-pushing photography. 

"By choosing the people we're collaborating with, we're establishing ourselves and making ourselves different from everybody," said Nars. "There are so many makeup brands on the market, and so many products. You either love us or you don't, but we're distinctive, and we will be for as long as I'm here.

"I've always liked the weird, the different," he continued, "very strong art, very strong movies. It's part of my DNA. I can't change now, it's too late," he said. "Take it or leave it, I can't work for a company that only wants me to do three shades of pink."

"What's great about Francois is that he's daring," Klein said, recalling the season that Nars sent the Marc Jacobs girls down the runway makeup free. "When I talked to him about the makeup, I said, 'The girls looked amazing. What did you do?' And he smiled and said, 'Nothing.' I thought that was brilliant. He knows the parameters very well, and just how far to go."

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