'No. 5 in a New Light,' is Chanel's new public exhibition in New York, celebrating the 94-year journey of the iconic fragrance. Staged in lower Manhattan, the exhibition features stunning projection walls that come alive as the natural hues of the downtown dusk sky plays with the perception of the pink rose imagery. 

The innovative exhibit sets out to "encourage visitors to let their senses guide them through the creation, cultivation, composition, abstraction, and revelation during their journey of the space," and takes a mere ten minutes to walk through. But that ten minutes is a truly immersive Chanel experience that allows visitors to enjoy a new entirely sensory journey and to enjoy this treasured fragrance in a whole new light. 

No. 5 in a New Light is open 12noon to 8pm from May 7 through May 17 at 461 W. 14th Street, NYC.