Featuring a campaign shot by Mark Segal – which features a mermaid-esque Magdalena Frackowiak transformed into a modern-day Venus – Bulgari's newest fragrance Aqua Divina is every bit as 'salty' and 'fruity' as the name sounds, combining top notes of bergamot and pink ginger with a heart of magnolia and quince, and a drydown of amber and beeswax. 

Alberto Morillas of Firmenich, who created the new scent in collaboration with Bulgari, said that he was inspired by the concepts of nature, youth and femininity, and the idea of 'sun-kissed beauty' whilst developing the new fragrance.

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“This is a woman who could be strolling through Capri, or on a dreamy, sunny beach.  She took advantage of her day in the sun and sea and her skin is still golden, and now she’s going to get ready for a simple evening out and she’s going to wear perfume,” Morillas said.

The fragrance bottle takes its shape from a shell or a pearl, and complements the rounded-pebble-shapped bottles of the masculine fragrances in the men's range. 

Aqua Divina by Bulgari will hit beauty counters worldwide in March 2015