Effortlessly chic and bearing more than a passing resemblance to Audrey Hepburn, being introduced as simply "the wife" (of Paramount Pictures chairman and CEO, Brad Grey) is fast becoming a thing of the past for Cassandra Grey, who has her own empire happily burgeoning across a multi-layered magazine slash e-commerce platform, Violet Grey.

It's a beauty business with an emphasis on banging out fabulous editorial (see Emily Blunt's Into The Woods themed fairy tale shoot in NYC for reference, please), plus it curates the industry's must have cosmetics and skincare items for sale on its 'shelves', with tricks of the trade directly from the experts. Violet Grey also calls an ivy-covered, brick-and-mortar salon and shop space on L.A.'s Melrose Place, home. We sit down with the impressive entrepreneur to discover how she does it:

Tell us about how you decided to launch Violet Grey and determined its files vs shelves concept... Was there a 'stroke of genius' moment when it all came together?

It has certainly been a labour of love. A lot of hurdles and a lot of victories. Violet Grey is an omni-channel company that was born out of Hollywood beauty culture. Over five years ago we started servicing clients and curating the best in beauty from a little private studio in West Hollywood on Melrose Place. In the studio, we had a lot of files, files on everything from the best under-eye concealer to Elizabeth Taylor's beauty secrets to catalogued runway looks from Pat McGrath, so naturally these files are now known as 'The Violet Files' on violetgrey.com and when we launched our store and we lined our 'Shelves' with our curation of the best beauty products, so we naturally became The Files and The Shelves.

Cassandra G interview

How do you describe the concept to people at dinner parties?

Luckily now I don't have to as much! But before we had any awareness, I would describe us as a 'start-up content and commerce company on a mission to curate only the best in beauty with those who know beauty best'.

What are your ambitions for the brand this year? Where would you like it positioned by 2016?

We are still so young and have so much to deliver on. In 2016, we will still be focused on the core business which consists of quality storytelling, scouring the globe for the best in beauty, and servicing our client's distant omni-channel retail experiences.

Of course Hollywood is your centre, but do you have any Middle Eastern beauty icons?

One of our partners is from the Middle East.  She is from Kuwait.  Her style is impeccable.  She is called Fajer Al Rajaan.

How do you feel about the style of Arabian women?

I am most intrigued with the beauty of women in general, and Middle Eastern women tend to exude a particular brand of femininity that is often mysterious and therefore even more intriguing. Sadly I have never been, but I have always dreamt of going there.  

Cassandra G interview

What, or where, is your Hollywood hidden treasure?

There is a vintage fashion boutique called LILY et Cie that has the most exquisite vintage couture. Ask for Rita.

Is there a particular piece of beauty advice you swear by? Either traditional or cutting edge?

Sleep and falling in love. Regular facials once a week if you want to avoid future surgery.

Who has been your ultimate red carpet beauty heroine this year?

Rihanna is always my favourite although I can't pull off many of her looks. For personal inspiration, Sienna Miller is killing it this year.

If you could choose a Violet Grey poster girl past or present, who would it be?

Well, our name is inspired by the colour of Elizabeth Taylor's eyes. Today, every woman who is confidant and polished can be a Violet poster girl.

Can you put your finger on one key upcoming beauty trend for this summer, please?

Coral lipstick is summer's new red.

Tell us what's in your make-up bag at this very moment.

Eve Lom's 'Kiss Mix', it is cooling and hydrating (shop here).

What are your cannot-live/leave-the-house without beauty products?

Tom Ford's 'Spanish Pink' lipstick, MAC's Cream Colour Base in 'Pearl', Charlotte Tilbury's 'Magic Cream and Caviar Eye Complex by La Prairie.

Which are your go-to websites each day?

Goop.com, New York Times, WWD, and VOGUE.com.

The boundaries between fashion, beauty and art are continually breaking down, is there a particular project or concept that has caught your eye recently that represents this?

The film I Am Love is a perfect example of this.

When do you plan on shipping Violet Grey internationally?

In the next few years we will ship internationally and also open stores in key markets!

For those living in hot and humid climates, what are the key cosmetics to use?

For primers, the Pro Prime Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base by NARS (shop here), and the Dior Pore Minimizer Skin Refining Matte Primer (shop here). For budge-proof mascara, the Serge Lutens Comb Mascara is amazing (shop here).

In-demand red carpet artist Fiona Stiles often contributes to our files, she recommends products that have long-lasting formulas like gels or stains. She also recommends tinting your lashes since it's the only thing guaranteed to not run in the water. (Read her heatproof make-up kit guide here.)

Cassandra G interview