When the fash pack stops washing their hair, it isn’t because of a water shortage. There's always Evian, right? But who knew going au naturel and ditching the shampoo meant more than extra money for makeup? The art of co-washing – cleansing with conditioner or specific co-wash shampoos – has been an insider secret for years, with celebrities from Amanda Seyfried to Kim Kardashian and the super cool soul singer Lorde swearing it’s the means to their silky manes, and with the re-launch of Aveda's genius Be Curly co-wash there's a whole new hype surrounding what most stylish stars have known for decades. When it comes to washing, less is more.


LA hair stylist, and creator of the Wen brand of co-cleansers Chaz Dean, gave up shampoo years ago and has never looked back. "My cleansing conditioner is a single product that both cleanses and conditions, without the use of sodium laurel sulphate (SLS) or other damaging detergents found in shampoos," says Dean. The superstar stylist adds: "I haven't used shampoo on myself or my clients since 1993." 


Another conditioner, which doesn't use SLS is Rahua, and it's available now at Harvey Nichols, Dubai.