We all know that French women don't look 'effortlessly' chic by accident. But it's not as time-consuming as you might think to soak up some of that Gallic style. 

1) Wash less: It might sound counter intuitive to pass on products, when the end game is self-improvement, but tell a French woman that your morning routine involves showering, cleansing and a wash and blow dry and she'll wonder why you didn't just have a lie in. Daily hair washing is a no-no, as are hairdryers. So passé. And if you've cleansed properly before bed, a splash of water on one's face and a similar routine for your body in the morning will suffice.
2) Exercise Invisibly: For French women, the gym is a no-no. Lycra is not chic and they're more likely to break out in a sweat at the sight of a pair of trainers than on a run. Instead, it's all about 'invisible exercise'. They walk everywhere, don't do lifts, and incorporate as many stealth moves as possible into day-to-day life, while at the same time claiming to do nothing and pitying paid-up gym members with less enviable physiques.
3) Make Down: No French woman worth her passport wears foundation. Or curls her eyelashes. Too 'done'. Think tinted moisturiser, cheek stain, mascara and lip balm. And as little as you can get away with so, if pushed, you could claim not to be wearing any, thus giving the impression of a face so perfect and a life so full and fabulous that make up doesn't matter. Yeah, right.
4) Eat Up: But only at meal times, never on the move, and in small quantities. French women love their food, always eaten with a knife and fork to slow the process down. 
5) Loud and Proud: French women also love to make a big song and dance about the delicious food they are eating — always in public — but conversely by making such a fuss, they ingest very little, thereby staying sample size skinny and smug.