There’s no point in having an amazing wardrobe if your face is falling behind but with so many new products exploding onto the market every week, what’s worth investing in?
Starting with a good base is key and who doesn’t look better with a glow? St Tropez’s new shower tan sounds insane, but the streak-free water-activated hue is killer and it’s fast becoming a beauty insider favourite. Once you’ve got a bit of colour, moisturiser is essential in the heat and Dr Lipp is the new fail safe. It’s meant to be a hand and foot cream but you can use it everywhere, including on babies, and it comes in a gorgeous pink handbag-size tube. Plus a little goes a long way.
Another new fix-all is Nude Skincare’s rescue oil. Make-up-wise, Eyeko’s jet black Fat Liquid Liner stays put in desert heat and Charlotte Tilbury’s new range of foundations offer the best range of shade on the market with unbeatable coverage.