Kate Moss might moisturise from head to toe with Crème De La Mer, while Claudia Schiffer reportedly only washes her hair in Evian but the world's most stylish stars aren't averse to the odd bargain beauty secret.

Lady Gaga apparently eschews pricey cleansers, preferring to take her heavy makeup off with sticky tape. While Jennifer Aniston has admitted to ditching her eye cream in favour of Vaseline and Frieda Pinto smears it on her eyelids.

Taylor Swift, meanwhile, once topped her eyeliner up with felt tip mid-flight when she realised she'd boarded without her favourite brand, although she's since pointed out it wasn't one of her best moves.

For anyone with sensitive yet spotty skin, Scarlett Johansson's got it covered. She's ditched toner in favour of apple cider vinegar while Catherine Zeta Jones prefers to eat an apple after a meal to clean her teeth and make them shiny. Thanks, ladies.