Luxury French beauty and skincare house Guerlain, are extending their signature scents by adding five new enchanting fragrances to their Colour collection. Now available in the Quadrilobe bottle – which was first introduced in 1908 — comes a redefined range in midnight blue, rich red, amber, emerald green and a beautiful blend between red and blue.

The fragrances: Santal Royal, Oriental Brulant, L'Heure de Nuit, Le 68 and Spiritueuse Double Vanille are injected with refreshing notes of orange blossom, vanilla, musk, tonga bean, sandalwood, jasmine, rose, leather, oud, cedar and benzoin. Each fragrance comes complete with a silk thread and the brand's coveted signature labeled on the front.

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Guerlain's Colourful collection is now available in all leading beauty counters across the Middle East.